Vincas Latakas

Gestalt psychotherapist

About me

Hi, I’m Vincas.

Although I obtained a master’s degree in Law at Vilnius University, while volunteering at Jaunimo linija I realized that I see myself working as a psychotherapist. I believe that a sincere conversation when you don’t have to be anything but yourself, when you can talk about what’s really important without hesitation whether you’ll be understood or accepted – helps.

I was a volunteer at Jaunimo linija (Youth Line) from 2009 till 2021. I provided emotional support by phone and letters, and I also took care of the emotional well-being and supported the qualification of the volunteers.

Since 2012 I lead and organize internal or external trainings in various business organizations. Most of my experience lies in leadership development.

2017-2022 I was studying at the Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute “Dialogue”. In my work, I follow the institute’s code of ethics and professional practice.


„Change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tries to become what he is not“

– Arnold Beisser

psychological counseling


I look forward to calls and letters on weekdays from 9am to 8pm. If I can’t answer, I’ll make sure to return your call.

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